Sunday School

Child Running PWPC

Sunday School meets year round at PWPC. We have a dedicated Rota of six teachers and Youth Group members who teach the kids following the children’s sermon in church. Currently we are using the Deep Blue One Room Schoolhouse curriculum but will be changing soon to an online curriculum that is easy to customize for the group. Our Sunday School kids have a great time learning!

Small Groups

PWPC Members

Throughout the year we hold small group studies. Some meet in homes, and others in the church. We rotate between in-depth bible study groups that generally meet at church, and less formal home groups. Call the church office to find out what’s going on right now!

Music Ministry

Music Ministry

Our Praise Team sings a variety of contemporary, modern, and traditional praise and worship selections and is responsible for leading our Sunday worship service. We meet every Thursday evening at 6:00pm. Our ministry is led by Frank Coates, Director of Music.

Penn Wynne Youth Group

Youth Group

The Penn Wynne Presbyterian Youth Group is not limited to members of Penn Wynne Church. We have always had members from other churches or no church at all. It’s a very welcoming group and we tackle topics that kids deal with in the real world, like social media bullying, substance abuse and school pressures and how to live with those strange adults in the house. We also do fun stuff—like horseback riding and trips to the Franklin Institute, and service projects, like feeding the homeless. The summertime is pretty laid back with trips to the get ice cream and swimming. Everything gears up again in September!

Needlework Group


Join us on Saturday afternoons! We are a group of people who love to crochet, knit, talk, and eat cookies. We affectionately call ourselves “The Crochety Knitwits”  and meet in the church lounge from 12:30 till about 3. Our age range is wide—everyone from young teens to great-grandmoms. No level of expertise is needed. We love to laugh at our own mistakes and help one another out. It’s creative. It’s fun. And it’s open to all.



Some of our Penn Wynne church family are in recovery, and we are honored to host
several outside groups. If you are looking for a safe place to explore your
relationship to a Higher Power, you will find one at PWPC.

AA Penn Wynne Women’s Group 7:30 pm WEDNESDAY NIGHTS
This group meets in the lounge and is dog friendly. Socially appropriate dogs are
welcome but encouraged to come a bit early to settle in.
For more information about AA go to:

This group meets downstairs in the auditorium
For more information about NA go to:

Eating Disorders Anonymous 6:30 pm SUNDAY NIGHTS
This group meets in the lounge.
For more information about EDA go to:

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